2007 Shirt Away
2006 Shirt Fouth Back
2007 Kit Away Side
2006 Kit Fouth
2006 Kit Fouth Back
2006 Kit Fouth Side
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2006-07 FLC.png
2006-07 FLT.png
2006-07 Badges MASTER.png
2006 Shirt Home
2006-07 01.png
2006 Shirt Third.png
2006 Kit Third Back Side
2006 Kit Third
2006 Kit Third Back
2006 Kit Third Back Sidea
2006 Shirt Home Back
2006 Shirt Away Back
2006 Shirt Third Back.png
2006 Kit Away Side
2006 Kit Away
2006 Kit Away Back
2006 Kit Away Sidea
2006-07 02
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2006-07 06
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2006 Shirt Away
2006 Shirt Home
2006 Kit Home Side
2006 Kit Home
2006 Kit Home Back
2006 Kit Home Sidea

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Home Kit



EFL League One (Tier 3)

P46 W8 D23 L25 F40 A70 Pts 37 (24th)

Lonsdale retained the wide collar style for 2006-07. The home shirt had a gap between the red and white stripes for new sponsor Samvo, and the sleeves and shoulders were solid red with a black trim where it met the main shirt. A new addition was a solid red side panel that had a black trim on the upper half. The black third shirt from 2005-06 was modified with the new sponsor logo in white and the addition of a white piped side trim. Coca-Cola league badges were worn on the sleeves.


Home - Black with red pattern on back and sides. Alternate - Red with black pattern on back and sides. Away - Black with double white stripe on the sides.


Home - Black front, red back with white join. BEES in white text at the rear. Alternate - Red. Away - Black with double white band

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2007-08 Away Kit (worn at last Home game)

2007-07 Away Shirt (Worn at last Home game)

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