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2003 Kit Away
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2003 Shirt Away
2003 Shirt Home
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2003 Kit Home
2003 Kit Home Back
2003 Kit Home Sidea

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Football League Division Two (Tier 3)

P46 W14 D11 L21 F52 A69 Pts 37 (24th)

TFG retained the style of their 2002-03 design for the new seasons home shirt. A thin red and white stripe with black pinstripe was used on a plain fabric, with a white oval area positioned at the sides and under the arms. A V neck with flattened base was used, black in colour with a red edge and white complementary stripe. The away version was an amber shirt with black round collar. A thin black trim was used from collar to under arm, with a thicker black section at the sides of the main body. The rear had black trim with the clubs website address written near the base. The club and manufacturer badges were again stacked in the centre above the logo of new club sponsor St George PLC on both shirts, with the away shirt again sporting a black and white version of the 1994 Brentford badge. The home shirt sponsor intially had no background, then was highlighted by firstly an opaic and then a solid off-white rectangle. Nationwide league badges were worn on the sleeves.


Home - Black with white side stripe. Away - Black with white stripe


Home - Red with black trim, black TFG text

Away - Amber with single Black band

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