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1998 Kit Away
1998 Kit Away Back
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1998 Shirt Away
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1998 Kit Home
1998 Kit Home Back
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1998 Shirt Home
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Fotball League Division Three (Tier 4)

P46 W26 D7 L13 F79 A56 Pts 85 (1st)

Super League produced the shirts for the 1998-99 season. The red stripes were thicker than the white, and edged with a red pinstripe. The fabric had a embedded diamond pattern, while the trim was white with double black band. The Super League badge in white and amber was accompanied by the logo of new sponsor GMB; Nationwide League badges adorned the sleeves. The away version had an amber centre with white and blue sides. Blue and amber trim finished the sleeves and neck, which differed from the home style by having a collar. A white and red version of the Super League badge adorned the shirt, along with a blue text GMB logo. Sqaud numbers were not used for the 1998-99 season.


The home shorts were black with a red side section enclosed between white stripes. An alternate red version of the shorts was also available. The away shorts were blue with an amber side section enclosed between white stripes.


Home - Black with red top and red SL text on the sides. Away - Amber with blue top and blue SL text on the sides.

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