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1996 Shirt Home Early
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1996 Kit Home Alt1
1996 Kit Home Alt1 Back
1996 Kit Home Alt1 Sidea
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1996 Kit Home Late
1996 Kit Home Late Back
1996 Kit Home Late Sidea
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1996 Kit Away Early
1996 Kit Away Early Back
1996 Kit Away Early Sidea
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1996 Kit Home Early
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1996 Shirt Away Late
1996 Shirt Home Late
1996 Shirt Play Off
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1996 Kit Away Late
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1996 Kit Home Mid
1996 Kit Home Mid Back
1996 Kit Home Mid Sidea
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1996 Kit Home Alt2
1996 Kit Home Alt2 Back
1996 Kit Home Alt2 Sidea
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1996 Kit Play Off Back
1996 Kit Play Off
1996 Kit Play Off Sidea
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Football League Division Two (Tier 3)

P46 W20 D14 L12 F56 A43 Pts 74 (4th)

Cobra Sports manufactured the 1996-97 kit. The shirt was noticably baggier than previous shirts with longer sleeves. The red and white stripe was thinner with a diamond effect fabric, and the sleeves were finished with a white section with black trim. The club badge was embroidered onto a white background surrounded with black trim, and the shirt was finished with a red collar and a black button up front. The away colours changed to white with a thin black stripe, and the sleeves had a red trim. A black collar and red button up front finished the shirt.

Ericsson remained as shirt sponsor and began the season with their logo in dark blue printed directly on to the shirt. From January 1997 the logo, now light blue and on a white background, was repositioned on both shirts.


The home shorts were black with twin white pinstripe on each side with a Cobra Sports badge and Brentford badge. The away shorts were white with a thick black stripe on each side.


Early home socks were black with a red and white top band. Later socks were black with white top and triple red band. Away socks were white with black and red top bands.

Away Kit Late Season

Away Late Season

Home Late Season

Away Early Season

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Home Kit Early Season

Away Kit Early Season

Home Kit Late Season

Home Kit Alternate

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Away Kit Play Off Final