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1992 Shirt Home
1992 Kit Home Side
1992 Shirt Home
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1992 Kit Home
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1992 Kit Home Sidea
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1992 Kit Away
1993 Kit Away Back
1992 Kit Away Sidea

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Away Kit


Football League Division Two (Tier 3)

P46 W13 D19 L14 F57 A55 Pts 58 (16th)

The Hummel shirts of 1992-93 were worn again for 1993-94. The home had a red collar and a thick red and white striped body with a shiny chevron pattern in the fabric. The double chevrons on the sleeves, the Hummel logo and the KLM sponsor logo were in black. The away had a dark blue collar, a light blue and white geometric pattern, and logos in dark blue. Large Football League badges were worn on the sleeves.

Brentford adopted squad numbers for 1993-94 and the players names were displayed on the rear along wih a geometric style number


Home - black with red trim, white Hummel chevrons at the side encased by a red trim, white Hummel logo on the right led, Brentford badge on the left. 

Away - as home with light blue chevrons, text and trim 


Home - red with white chevrons at the top sides, and Brentford badges on the calf sides. Away - dark blue with light blue chevrons at the top sides, and Brentford badges on the calf sides

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