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Football League Division Three

P46 W21 D13 L12 F59 A47 Pts 76 (6th)

Chad produced the shirts for 1990-91. The red and white stripe was thinner and mostly seen in an offset pattern. Black piping was present on the shoulders, the sides and the arm join and the shirt was finished with a rounded black V collar. The Chad and KLM logos were black. The away version consisted of a light blue and dark blue striped copy of the home shirt but without the piping. The Chad logo remained black while the KLM logo was white. For the first time Football League badges were worn on each arm


Home - Black with red lower side trim. A red Chad logo was present on the left leg, and 'Brentford F.C.' on the right leg also in red. 

Away - Navy with light blue lower side trim. The same lattering as the home shorts was present but in light blue


Home - red with a black band enclosed in a white band at the top

Away - black blue with two light blue bands

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