1979 Kit Home
1979 Shirt Home
1977 Shirt Home
1977 Kit Home
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1979 Kit Home 1977 Bukta
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1975 Shirt Home Short
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1979 Kit Home 1975
1977 Shirt Away
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Home Kit


Home Kit


Football League Division Three

P46 W15 D11 L20 F59 A73 Pts 41 (19th)

The team photo shows the 1977-79 Bukta shirt being worn, and it appears in some match action photos during the season. A thinner striped shirt was also worn as well as the short sleeve 1975-77 unbranded verion.

A red shirt and a light blue shirt, both with white trim, were worn away


Black for home, black or white for away. A Bukta branded black pair of shorts is seen in one photo


Black with a red top and a double white band for the home socks and red for a colour clash; white or black the away socks

Away Kit Light Blue

Away Light Blue

Home Kit


Away Red

Home Kit Bukta Shorts

Away Kit Red