1976 Kit Home Long
1975 Shirt Home Long
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1976 Kit Home Short
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1976 Kit Away
1976 Kit Home Long Admiral
1976 Kit Home Long Umbro

Home Long Sleeve Version

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Home Kit Short Sleeve Version

Home Short Sleeve Version

Home Kit Long Sleeve Version


Football League Division Four

P46 W18 D7 L21 F77 A76 Pts 43 (15th)

The long- and short-sleeved red and white striped shirts of 1975-76 were used, with the 'castle' badge prominent on both.

The away shirt was yellow with pale blue trim


A reversion to plain black with no number was seen on the home shorts. In a photo from the Southport match, Gordon Sweetzer is seen wearing a Umbro branded pair and Steve Phillips is wearing an Admiral branded pair.

The away shorts were pale blue


Black with a red top and a single white band for the home socks, yellow for away

Home Kit Long Sleeve Version

with Admiral Shorts

Home Kit Long Sleeve Version

with Umbro Shorts

Away Kit